Interferometer OptoTL-iTP-60

Interferometer Opto-TL iTP-60

The OptoTL-60 interferometer is designed to control the accuracy of the shape of optical surfaces, measure their radii and the distortion of wavefronts of lenses.

Typical features of the OptoTL 60 interferometer:

  • small dimensions for installation at the production site next to optical machines;
  • specially developed original FastInterf software for real-time measurements in production conditions;
  • original ruler calibration program for radii measurement;
  • availability of two monitors for fast alignment and visualization of the interference pattern;
  • New! the presence of two light sources (coherent and incoherent) to reduce the influence of the reflection of the second surface when testing plane-parallel plates (optional);
  • motorized fast vertical movement;
  • precise vertical movement with a handle;
  • New! automatic vertical movement by a predetermined value (from the cat's eye position to the confocal position and vice versa) (optional);
  • large set of 60 mm test spheres;
  • translation stage for tilting and moving the controlled samples;
  • the presence of base surfaces for the stage and controlled components to simplify alignment when inspecting a batch of identical parts;
  • device for tilting steep blocks (optional);
  • passive vibration isolation system sufficient for work in industrial conditions;
  • interferometer is supplied on a turnkey basis with everything you need to set up and get started.

OptoTL-60 interferometer parameters

Parameter Value
Optical scheme Fizeau
Arrangement of the optical axis of the control scheme Vertical, horizontal (optional)
Type of surfaces to be tested
  • Optical
  • Polished
Shape of controlled surfaces
  • Flat
  • Spherical (with test spheres)
Reflectivity of controlled surfaces 1-99%
Optical zoom, times 6
Diameter range:
  • flat surfaces
  • spherical surfaces
  • 5 mm - 120 mm (with Optotl-60 / 120Pl expander)
  • 5 mm - 60 mm (determined by the aperture of the test sphere used)
Ranges of permissible radii when measuring the accuracy of the shape of surfaces:
  • convex (CX)
  • concave (CC)
  • 900 mm - 3 mm
  • 3 mm - 1100 mm (determined by a set of test spheres)
Range of measured radii:
  • convex (CX)
  • concave (CC)
  • 200 mm - 3 mm
  • 3 mm - 200 mm
The accuracy of measuring the radii of surfaces (depending on the measurement conditions) 2-10 microns.
Measurement error, P-V
  • flat surfaces
  • spherical surfaces
  • λ / 20
  • λ / 10, λ / 20 (optional)
Maximum measurable deviation
Main light source Single frequency laser module 633 nm
Additional radiation source (optional) Laser module 633 nm
Weight of the device
<=80 kg
  • length
  • width
  • height
  • <=400 mm
  • <=500 mm
  • <=700 mm

OptoTL-60 Series Reference Lens Set

Aperture ratio Radius of the reference surface, mm Diameter of the reference surface, mm Optimal range of controlled radii (for maximum numerical aperture), mm Allowable range of controlled radii, mm
Optotl-60-Pl plane infinity 60
Optotl-60/120Pl plane infinity 120 
Optotl-60-1:0.6CX 1:0.6 21CC 34 200CC-20CX 225CC-20CX
Optotl-60-1:0.67CX 1:0.67 24CC 36 200CC-23CX 225CC-23CX
Optotl-60-1:0.8CX 1:0.8 39CC 49 23CX-38CX 200CC-38CX
Optotl-60-1:1.2CX 1:1.2 70CC 58 38CX-69CX 150CC-69CX
Optotl-60-1:1.8CX 1:1.8 110CC 59 69CX-105CX 110CC-105CX
Optotl-60-1:2.7CX 1:2.7 162CC 60 105CX-161CX 50CC-161CX
Optotl-60-1:4CX 1:4 240CC 60 161CX-239CX 30CX-239CX
Optotl-60-1:6CX 1:6 360CC 60 239CX-359CX 150CX-359CX
Optotl-60-1:9CX 1:9 540CC 60 359CX-540CX 330CX-540CX
Optotl-60-1:12CX 1:12 720CC 60 540CX-719CX 510CX-719CX
Optotl-60-1:15CX 1:15 901CC 60 719CX-900CX 690CX-900CX
Optotl-60-1:3.3CC 1:3.3 200CX 60 201CC-401CC 201CC-410CC
Optotl-60-1:6.6CC 1:6.6 400CX 60 401CC-601CC 401CC-610CC
Optotl-60-1:10CC 1:10 600CX 60 601CC-811CC 601CC-811CC
Optotl-60-1:13.5CC 1:13.5 810CX 60 811CC-1020CC 811CC-1020CC