Wedge-shaped and plane-parallel windows and mirrors

Plane-parallel windows are used in optical devices as protective windows, light filter substrates, and compensators for spherical aberration. The use of wedge-shaped windows can be similar, and their specificity lies in the ability to deflect the beam and/or exclude the appearance of flare from the second surface.

Opto-TL produces windows from various crystals and glasses according to customer drawings:

  • sapphire windows;
  • germanium windows;
  • silicon windows;
  • windows from other materials.

The technologies for processing crystals and glasses developed in Opto-TL ensure high requirements for the purity, roughness and irregularity of the optical surfaces of windows, which allows them to be used in the state-of-art devices. In particular, sapphire laser windows can be used in systems with high radiation exposure. Windows made of germanium (3-5 microns and 8-14 microns) and silicon (3-5 microns) are used in spectroscopy, thermal imaging lenses, and infrared guidance systems.


Diameter: 5-300mm

Quality parameters Achievable values *
Surface finish Class I
Surface irregularity, N/delta N 0.5/0.1 wave @ 633 nm
Parallelism 2 sec
Diameter tolerance, mm 0.01
Thickness tolerance, mm 0.01

* Determined by material and set of parameters.

Wedge-shaped windows and mirrors can be manufactured with optical coatings.