Spherical lenses

The main components of optical devices are spherical lenses - elements bounded by either two spherical surfaces, or spherical and flat surfaces. Spherical lenses are used to transform the shape of radiation beams and build images of objects.

Lenses, like other optical elements, are made of materials that are transparent in the optical spectrum. The choice of material is carried out based on the functional purpose of the element, the working spectral range, quality parameters, operating conditions and other requirements.

Sapphire lenses are widely used in products operating in a wide spectral range and at the same time in extreme conditions, i.e. when exposed to high temperatures, pressures, mechanical loads, corrosive environments and radiation.

The most important fields of application of optical components, including lenses, made of germanium (3-5 microns and 8-14 microns) and silicon (3-5 microns) are spectroscopy, optics of thermal imaging lenses, infrared guidance systems.

Opto-TL produces high-precision optical components from various crystals and glasses and manufactures, in particular:

  • sapphire lenses;
  • germanium lenses;
  • silicon lenses;
  • lenses made of other materials.

New technologies for chemical-mechanical polishing of these materials, developed at Opto-TL, provide minimal roughness and, at the same time, high requirements for the purity and accuracy of optical surfaces.


Diameter: 5-250mm

Parameters Achievable values *
Surface purity Class I
Surface irregularity N / ∆N, rings 1/0.2
Thickness irregularity, mm 0.01
Diameter tolerance, mm 0.01
Thickness tolerance, mm 0.01
Focal length tolerance 0.5%

* Determined by material and set of parameters.