FastInterf software

FastInterf software

The processing time of the results is no more than a second.

The interferometer is equipped with FastInterf software, which calculates the following optical surface parameters based on the results of the interferogram analysis:

  • surface form error value (N, Defocus Power);
  • local (zonal) error value ( ΔN, P-V, irregularity);
  • local error RMS;
  • Zernike polynomials;
  • wedging of transparent plane-parallel windows.

The software has the ability to:

  • averaging the results of several interferograms processed data;
  • subtract the reference wavefront;
  • measure the radius of the surface;
  • create a file compatible with Zemax for further calculations of the optical system errors;
  • display the generated interference pattern on the monitor for visual assessment of the adequacy of the calculation;
  • present the result in different forms, including 3D surface topography;
  • print out the calculation results in a form convenient for the Customer;
  • reverse the wavefront, change the sign;
  • substract aberrations up to 3rd order from the measured wavefront.

It is possible to upgrade the software upon Customers request.