The Opto-Technological Laboratory produces interferometers for testing the accuracy of the shape of optical surfaces, measuring their radii and the distortion of wavefronts of lenses.

The main advantages of our interferometers:

  • Small dimensions for installation at the production site next to optical machines.
  • Specially developed original FastInterf software for real-time measurements.
  • Availability of two monitors for quick alignment and visualization of the interference pattern.
  • Large set of test spheres for the interferometer (table below).
  • Set of translation stages for controlled samples.
  • Modular design principle for fast restructuring of the interferometer for various tasks.
  • Radii measurement of spherical surfaces.
  • Centering control of individual lenses and lenses in mounts.
  • Non-contact thickness control of optical elements - lenses, windows.
  • Wedge measurement of windows.
  • Passive vibration isolation system.

The company's specialists solve the problems of modernizing interferometers according to the specific tasks of customers.

It is possible to modernize customers existing interferometers in order to replace the visual assessment of the interference pattern with digital processing.