About us

“Opto-Technological Laboratory” Ltd (Opto-TL) is innovative production enterprise founded in 2002. Main activity – design and manufacturing of optical products.

“Opto-TL” Ltd is ISO 9001-2015 certified by the Institute for Testing and Certification of weapons and military equipment

Field of activity

A key area of Opto-TL’s activity is production of lens objectives. Small series of innovative products prevail in the list of orders.

Main Opto-TL’s customers are large Russian industrial enterprises, as well as the European, the US and Asia companies.


The company specializes in manufacturing of custom products according to specified task. Initial data for a number of works performed by the company are technical ideas, which relate, in particular, to improving of the working characteristics of lens objectives. Such works begin with optical-mechanical design, and end in production of prototypes and small series, their inspection and testing.

The company also develops and manufactures optical devices for technological test, first of all, interferometers to measure surface accuracy. Most devices are certified by Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology and are entered in the State Register of measuring instruments.

Applications of Opto-TL’s products: spectroscopy, interferometry, laser technology, opto-electronics, nuclear energy, security systems, photolithography, thermal imaging, microscopy, medicine, astronomy, energetics, military equipment.

The structure of the company

Opto-TL’s composition includes its own production facilities, which consist of the following subdivisions:

  • Department of optical-mechanical design and assembling
  • Workshops of cutting, grinding ,polishing, coating and machining
  • Engineering and Technological Groups
  • Department of technical inspection and quality management

The company employs highly qualified and certified specialists in the field of optical technologies, coating, optical design and management.