Interferometer OptoTL-250

OptoTL 250-3

The OptoTL-250 interferometer is designed for non-contact technological testing of the shape accuracy (N / ΔN) of optical polished flat surfaces up to 250 mm in diameter, distortion of the passing wavefront of plane-parallel and wedged windows.

Typical features of the OptoTL 250 interferometer:

  • small dimensions;
  • specially developed original FastInterf software for real-time measurements in production conditions;
  • availability of two monitors for fast alignment and visualization of the interference pattern;
  • New! the presence of two light sources (coherent and incoherent) to reduce the influence of the reflection of the second surface when testing plane-parallel plates (optional);
  • motorized vertical movement by servomotor;
  • emergency movement stop block when approaching too close to the tested component to prevent contact of the test plane with the controlled surface (optional)
  • translation stage for tilting the controlled parts;
  • base made of natural stone, vertical stand made of sintegran for better vibration damping;
  • passive vibration isolation system sufficient for work in industrial conditions;
  • measurement of the wedge shape of transparent windows (with an additional reference plane) (optional)
  • interferometer is supplied on a turnkey basis complete with everything you need to set up and get started.

Technical characteristics of the interferometer OptoTL 250-3

Parameter Value
Optical scheme Fizeau
Arrangement of the optical axis of the control circuit Vertical
Type of surfaces to be inspected
  • Optical
  • Polished
Test surface shape Plane
Reflectivity of controlled surfaces 1-99%
Optical zoom, times 6
Diameter range:
  • flat surfaces
25 mm - 250 mm
Measurement error, P-V λ / 10
Maximum measurable deviation
Limits of measurement of wedge shape of transparent windows (depending on the diameter), sec 120
Measurement error of wedge shape of plane-parallel windows, no more, sec 0.5
Main radiation source Single frequency laser module 633 nm
Additional radiation source (optional) Laser module 633 nm
Device weight, no more, kg 350
  • lenght
  • width
  • height
  • <=550 mm
  • <=750 mm
  • <=950 mm