DuoFokus 1x-2x dual-focus lens and collimator

Dual-focus system "collimator + lens" - duoFokus 1x-2x NA0.13-1070

Parameters Value
Type Variable magnification system "collimator + objective" with a common focal plane, changing the diameter of the laser beam without reinstalling the optics.
Spectral range, nm. 1030 1100
   b = f 'lens / f' collimator
-1X -2.1X
Input Beam Numerical Aperture NA @ 1 / e² <0.1
Max. numerical aperture NA 0.13
Working length, mm 180
Laser power Up to 3 kW (CW)
Fastening Thread M58x1, QBH laser fiber connector
Diameter, mm 126
Length, mm 197
Other properties
  • Same working length for two magnifications 1x and 2x.
  • Optical design with diffraction-limited quality.
  • Change of the laser spot size by moving the inner lens without changing the entire lens to avoid dust on the optics when using.
  • At intermediate magnification values - some, up to 15 mm, change in the working length.
  • Compensation of thermal focus shift is possible by moving the movable lens.
  • Other combinations of working magnifications are available upon request.
  • Mechanical design is adaptable.
  • Specifications are subject to change upon request.

Specifications are subject to change upon request.