Parameter Value
Type Lens with double focal length with a common focal plane suitable for powerful lasers and changing the diameter of the laser spot without reinstalling the optics.
Spectral range, nm 1030 1100
Focal Length (f ')
Back focal length s (s' F')
f, sF,
127   (5") 168
178   (7") 151
254   (10") 168
1/e² diameter of input beam, mm <20
Clear diameter, mm 31
Laser power 3 (CW)
Fastening Thread M58x1
Diameter, mm 126
Length, mm 197
Other properties
  • Single focal plane for two focal lengths of 127 and 254 mm
  • Optical design with diffraction-limited quality.
  • Change of the laser spot size by moving the inner lens without changing the entire lens to avoid dust on the optics when using.
  • At intermediate focal lengths - some, up to 15 mm, shift of the focal plane position, see above data for f '= 178 mm (7 ").
  • Compensation for thermal focal shift by moving the movable lens.
  • Other combinations of working magnifications are available upon request.
  • Mechanical design is adaptable.
Specifications are subject to change upon request.