Opto - Technological Laboratory obtained ISO 9001 certificate.

Quality Management System as applied to development, manufacturing and service of optical components out of crystals and glasses, optical systems (including objectives), optical checking and measuring devices corresponds to ISO 9001-2011 (ISO 9001:2008).

The company "Opto-Technological Laboratory" was founded in 2002. The main founders of the company are at the same time the chief managers.

Engineering production preparation and developing of new technologies take considerable place in the company’s activities. Thus, this is not by chance that the word “laboratory” is present in the name.
Fields of the products’ application: spectroscopy, interferometry, laser technics, medicine, scientific investigations, opto-electronics, photolitography, telecommunication, microscopy, optical measuring technique, astronomy, etc.

Optical Components

Opto-Technological Laboratory produces wide spectrum of optical components: lenses, windows, prismsdomes , aspherical lenses and mirrors, etc.

Main materials for manufacturing:

The most common and widely distributed components are represented in the catalog.

Due to the constant developing of new technologies, the company produces not only medium, but unique precise optical parts with high surface quality category and low roughness.


Optical systems

Opto-Technological Laboratory calculates, designs and manufactures optical systems  ( objectives, including zoom lenses, collimators, etc.) for different applications  


Opto-Technological Laboratory produces interferometers to test accuracy and radii of optical surfaces  and modernize old interferometers to replace visual estimation of interferometric picture for digital one. Instruments for inspection of lens centering and air gaps between lenses in objectives can also be manufactured.



Optical coatings

The company applies optical coatings on various optical materials for infrared spectral range at the first place, such as:

  •  coatings on ZnSe for wavelengths/ranges – 10.6 um (CO2 lasers), 10.6 um and 0.633 um or 0.532 um simultaneously , 3-5 um, 8-14 um, 2-14 um;
  •  coatings on Ge for wavelengths/ranges – 10.6 um (CO2 lasers), 3-5 um, 8-14 um, 2-14 um;
  • anti-reflecting coatings on Sapphire for wavelengths/ranges – visible, 1.06 um, 3-5 um;
  •  coatings on Si for wavelengths/ranges – 3-5 um;
  • mirror metallic coatings for visible and infrared ranges.


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