Assemblies for various application

We produce optical assemblies in accordance with technical assignment of customers and we accomplish:

  • optical design;
  • mechanical design;
  • manufacturing of trial parts and small lots;
  • inspection and testing.

Optical systems are manufactured out of crystals and glasses, including Ohara and Schott, for:

  • visible spectral range;
  • visible and near IR spectral ranges;
  • IR 3-5 μm, 8-14 μm spectral ranges.


  • lens;
  • mirror-lens;
  • mirror

Example. Stages of development of radiation-resistant lens for nuclear power.

1.jpg Optical scheme

1.jpg The estimated modulation-transfer function
1.jpg Lens construction

1.jpg The measured modulation-transfer function

1.jpg The photo of lens

1.jpg The value of wavefront distortion measured by our interferometer OptoTL-60

Optical systems manufactured by our company: